Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Everything Bagel
Deltona is one of Florida's biggest neighborhoods. A never-ending barrage of various sized homes, it has been dubbed "Spaghettiville" due to the lack of road continuity.Developer Jim Mackle, was obviously a masochist. Engineering a town under the influence is not an accusation I think many could deny.

But one of the gems of this town, is the Scrub Jay Cafe. Located within the Deltona Library, this place has quite an interesting mix of offerings.

Fresh Bagel King bagels of all varieties. Breakfast is available all day. There's even a rack of "day old" bagels & danishes that would blow shelf bagels out of the water.

They also offer a nice selection of pastries like Danishes, cookies, etc.

Here's where it gets interesting. They have Empanadas! Good ones too.

The empanda is the Hispanic culture's greeting card to the community. People from every culture love a good Empanada. And for $1.50, you can have yourself one of three freshly made flavors. They make them daily. In fact, the manager is bringing in three pans of them as I type!

Now, my weakness is their Everything Bagel with Sausage, Egg, and Cheese. The picture above is of the actual bagel. It's huge. If you're with a friend, you can split it and still be full. I swear this thing is a monster. Easily, the best $4 you'll spend in the area.

Plus, Scrub Jay Cafe offers a great beverage selection of soda, coffee, tee, and juices.

Four tables are within reach of electrical outlets if your laptop battery is tanked. And you have access to the library's wi-fi.

If you get stuck in a mental rut, pack your bag and go for a walk over to the Scrub Jay Museum. Tons of useless information you'll pepper your spouse with someday years from now can be found on the walls.

If that's not enough, you can take a walk on the new trail built behind the library. It's extensive and if you're a bird watcher, you'll have a great time. Or hang out at the Amphitheater and relax. But only for a minute, then get back to work!



12/01/2011 07:42

I LOVE that place! I used to take Jayden every week after story time. We went so often that they knew our order when we walked in. Enjoy! : )

12/01/2011 20:23

It taste good but my only thing is last time I was there they didn't take debit.


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